Drop 3 baseball bat overview

The ultimate game as many of you will call it comes in different levels each requiring different playing equipment.

Before you visit your local sports house, bats are one of the major equipment’s that require careful considerations before making a purchase.

Having the right bat can come along way in helping a player to gain an advantage over their competition in the game.

Drop 3 baseball bat2

What are drop 3 baseball bats?

For a bat to be considered as a best drop 3 baseball bat, it must have a barrel that is 2-5/8 or smaller in diameter. On the other hand, the length-weight ratio should range at a maximum of 3.

The ratio is what is commonly referred to as drop, and it gives information on the bat’s length dimension and the weight in ounces. The key important thing to know is that the ratio should be in the 3-14 range and thus as a player you need to understand the requirements of your league.

Why you need drop 3 bats?

The drop 3 bats are now trending in the market since it has dressed the issues of safety and performance which were the primary drawbacks of the other conventional bats. The bat speed is reduced so as to preserve the pitcher’s safety. These bats also feature a compact barrel and will give you peak performance in the game.
Is there need to break in the baseball bat?

Drop 3 baseball bat

As witnessed with other baseball bats where individuals have to take a break with their baseball bats, drop 3 bats eradicate this need. The performance of the bat is not compromised however much it is used This is one of the top reasons why many leagues have opted for this eliminates the need to account for time to break in the bat.

The lightest drop 3 baseball bats

For players who have a primary concern with the weight of the bat, there are a variety of bats to choose from as they are very lightweight giving the player an added advantage. You can check out the following brand, the Easton BB13S3Z S3Z ZCore bat.

The best drop 3 baseball bats to consider

For a dynamic and good baseball experience we recommend that you check into the three brands be, they will not only give a player advantages over their completion but will be comfortable to hold in your hands.

The best pick

2016 Mizuno MaxCor BBCOR bat

2017 Combat Maxum BBCOR.

2017 DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR

Final verdict on drop 3 baseball bats

We need you to be aware that the choice fo bat is very personal depending on individual taste and preferences. However, it is nice to try out the different versions in the market so that as a player you settle for the best but be sure to remain within your league’s established guidelines.


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